Maxime Maufra Beg-Miel, Evening, Bay of Cocarneau - Canvas Art Print

Beg-Miel, Evening, Bay of Cocarneau by Maxime Maufra - Canvas Art Print

Maufra, Maxime

Item # - LS53740

Canvas Print - Hand Embellished, Brush Stroke Textured - Embellishment hand-painted by a skilled artist, to add texture, depth and dimension

Brush strokes similar in "look and feel" to an oil painting - While being significantly less expensive than an oil painting

Embellishment provides a transparent, protective coating

Accurately reproduced to museum quality standards

Free shipping and handling within the continental U.S. - Shipped unframed and rolled in a heavy-duty protective shipping tube.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Shop with confidence and peace of mind with our no hassle 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Beg-Miel, Evening, Bay of Cocarneau by Maxime Maufra is a hand embellished canvas art reproduction, embellished by one of our talented artists. Our collection of canvas art for sale features Maxime Maufra painting reproductions as well as reproductions from thousands of other famous artists, all priced well below traditional art gallery prices.

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